Wednesday, September 10, 2008

At Point 1

I'm currently at Point 1, in the buildings above the ATLAS detector.
I'm here for the video link to Brookhaven, which will happen in ~1/2
hour, so we're drinking coffee in the mean time. We're in the "Media
Room," one floor up from the ATLAS control room. We peeked into the
control room before coming up, and it was very crowded with ATLAS
physicists, including some friendly faces from my previous experiment,
BaBar. Today especially it seems like the world is a very small place,
with all of the attention focused here, at CERN.

Here's a photo of the ATLAS control room when I was there:

The video link with Brookhaven went well ... hard to imagine that they were just waking up when I'd been glued to the webcast for 7 hours already ;) Here are photos from the Brookhaven media day, taken by Peter Steinberg:

If you look closely you can see me on one of the screens!

A bientôt!


JDog said...

Glad you made it safe. Thanks for posting and keeping us in the loop.

PrajK said...

Just got caught up! Glad you're there. Hope you're enjoying it.