Friday, April 3, 2009

Load up your crossbows

I was wondering why the #4 Google Trend this morning was "Higgs excitation"...

I hope they'll be passing out crossbows in the CERN cafeteria today.

A bientôt!


Steve said...

: )
i don't get it.
I too am wondering why it's at #4.

chris said...

Because the popular nerd webcomic (seen above in this blog) referenced it today. It's not uncommon for xkcd to cause a Google trend if his reference or topic is obscure to most readers.

chris said...

Oh, and I think the joke is that the one scientist is so far behind his colleagues in studying the Higgs boson that he's completely bewildered by what seems obvious to them. Or they're pulling a prank on him to make him think he is.

Steve said...

aaaah it all falls into place.
With a #4 I was more expecting Higgs Boson research to have revealed something earth-shattering. Instead it's a new stick cartoon on an obscure comic website. There's a profound message about life in this somewhere. Maybe I'll pay less attention to google trends in the future. : )

excuse us Stephanie

Steve said...

mmmm... i take it back about the obscure website. it's actually pretty funny with my geek goggles on